sex coaching


Sex coaching teaches skills you develop to experience more connection and intimacy, more sensation through the body, and more desire. By developing our natural capacities for sensation, intimacy, and growth, we have more choice in how we want to be. We have the freedom to connect more fully with life.

As we develop the ability to pay attention to what we are experiencing through the body, and to direct the body’s experiences, we develop aspects of the nervous system that govern sensation and intimacy. We can literally feel and connect more.

Sex therapy supports you in examining habits, beliefs and experiences so you can establish what works for you, and let go of what doesn’t. It is an opportunity to work through sexual issues, concerns or blocks so that you can lead a more fulfilling life with greater choice in how you are sexually.

As Australia’s leading sex coach, Deej has the training and experience to support you in connecting more fully with your body, sex and sexuality, to overcome sexual issues and concerns, and to access the wealth of education and information on sex, sexuality and embodiment that is now available to us.