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Some of the more common sexual issues and concerns people come to a sex coach with include:

premature ejaculation

erectile difficulty

delayed ejaculation

difficulty achieving orgasm

low or no desire

differences in desire

absence of sensation

limited sensation

pain connected to sex

working through guilt or shame

recovering from abuse or trauma

People access sex coaching and therapy because they want to learn more about their bodies, sex and sexuality, to expand on their sex lives, develop new skills, get more information, or to work through sexual issues or concerns.Both sex coaching and sex therapy sessions start with exercises to shift your awareness into your body, and then a discussion on what you are experiencing and what you want, so you can clarify your objectives and decide on the exercises or modalities you want to practice or work with.

Some of the learning objectives people work on include:

becoming more aware of  your body and sensation

learning more about touch

enhancing intimacy

learning about anatomy and physiology

communicating about sex

using breath, sound, movement and awareness to enhance sensation and intimacy

ejaculation choice

experiencing a wider range of orgasmic sensations

exploring sexuality

learning about Tantra, Taoism and other Tantric Practices

Completing the client questionnaire and returning it to me is a useful way to start the process of checking in with yourself on what you are experiencing and what you want from the work. Please click here for a copy of the questionnaire

Deej works by the Code of Ethics of the Somatic Sex Educators’ Association of Australasia. Somatic sex educators acknowledge the importance of healthy touch within clear agreements and guidelines. To read the Code of Ethics, please click here

Sessions are 90 minutes and cost $150 for individuals or $180 for couples or people in polyamorous relationships.

To make an appointment please contact Deej using the details below: